MICA Lecture Series – Mr.Mahesh Murthy

Keeping up with the routine of each month MICA hosted Mr. Mahesh Murthy this time for it’s lecture series. MICA Lecture series, better known as MLS on campus is a platform where students interact with industry experts to garner from their experiences in the corporate world. Mr. Mahesh Murthy is a venture capitalist, a technocrat, an investor, and writes regularly for Business World. Presently, Mr. Murthy is involved in a startup called PINSTORM (www.pinstorm.com) and is its Director. PINSTORM is a search engine driven marketing company.

Mr. Murthy talked on the topic ‘Kotler is dead: The new rules for marketing for 21st century’. A talk that was completely non conformist in style and content, he talked about the new rules of marketing in today’s world and how the theories of marketing gurus such as Philip Kotler, David Aaker and Ries and Trout have become obsolete to today’s marketers. He challenged the students minds by putting forth and defending his belief that the famous marketing theories that are taught in every management school like the 4Ps of marketing etc have become irrelevant.

A stimulating discussion followed the talk where students were trying to make sense of these theories and statements.

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