MarketRx top executive visits IIT Kanpur

MarketRx is a leading provider of specialized Sales and Marketing Effectiveness solutions to global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies. Its customers include over 50 top-tier pharmaceutical companies in all therapeutic areas and across geographies. Recently it was ranked 195th in 24th annual Inc. 500 list of “Fastest Growing Private Businesses” in the U.S A.

The lecture traced the history of consulting over the years; Starting from the 50’s where consultants were typically bright young graduates who were focused more on ideas than actions. The process of the actual implementation was not factored in, leaving companies with bulky reports that cost the company a fortune and were effectively useless.

Over the years, consulting has evolved, and greater stress is being laid on the actionable rather than just strategies. This was further enhanced by the evolution of concepts of E-commerce and ERP.

These days it’s important for a consultancy firm to have some specific domain
Knowledge they can leverage to benefit their clients rather just a generalist approach. High-end data analysis techniques, data warehousing and staying abreast with the latest technologies are some of the key drivers of this industry.

Mr.Challu made the session all the more riveting by throwing in some interesting case studies that had the audience putting on their consultant cap –trying to figure out the solutions.

Overall this was an extremely enjoyable learning experience, and also an eye opener into the world of consulting.

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