Logical Reasoning Quiz for MBA entrance exams

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This quiz consists of questions from various past papers of MBA
entrance exams. Leave your answers/responses in the comments section below and
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Directions 1 to 7: Each
question contains six statements followed by four sets of combinations of
three. Choose the set in which the statements are logically related.


A. All boys are good.

B. Some girls are bad.

C. Good people are educated.

D. Boys are educated.

E. Ram is an educated boy.

F. Lata is an
educated girl.

(a) BCF             (b) ACD                (c) DEF           (d) ADF


A. All who are sincere are graduates.

B. Some graduates are not sincere.

C. All who are sincere are dull.

D. All graduates are dull.

E. Some who are dull are graduates.

F. No one who is dull is sincere.

(a) BEF            (b) ADF              (c) ABF               (d) ACD


A. Sham won a lottery.

B. Sham lost in a chess game.

C. Sham is not intelligent.

D. One need not be intelligent to win a lottery.

E. One need not be intelligent to win a chess game.

F. Sham plays chess.

(a) BEF              (b)
ACD                 (c) BDE             (d) BDF


A. Good managers are intuitive.

B. Some managers are women.

C. Supriya is a good manager.

D. Supriya is a woman.

E. Some women are intuitive.

F. Supriya is intuitive.

(a) BCE              (b)
ABD               (c) ACF              (d) ADF


A. Some college athletes are professionals.

B. No college athlete is a professional.

C. Some professionals are well paid.

D. All professionals are well paid.

E. All well paid persons are professionals.

F. No well paid person is a college athlete.

(a) BEF                  (b)
ABF                   (c) BDF                (d) ACF


A. Some intolerant are poor – thinkers.

B. Some poor thinker is intolerant.

C. All people with high ideals are intolerant.

D. No poor thinker is intolerant.

E. No poor thinker has high ideals.

F. Some people with high ideals are not poor thinkers.

(a) CDE              (b)
CDF              (c) ABD                  (d) BCF


A. All engineers can sing.

B. No music lover can sing.

C. All who can sing are music lovers.

D. All music lovers can sing.

E. Some who can sing are engineers.

F. All engineers are music lovers.

(a) ACE             (b) ACF                   (c) ABF                     (d) ACD

Directions 8 to 10: Kya –
Kya is an obscure island which is inhabited by two types of people: the ‘Yes
type and the ‘Notype. Native of type ‘Yesask only questions the right answer to which is ‘Yeswhile those of type ‘Noask only questions the right answer to which is ‘No. For example. The ‘Yestype will ask questions like “Is 2 plus 2 equal to 4?” while the ‘Notype will ask questions like “Is 2 plus 2 equal to 5?” The following questions are based on your visit to
the island of Kya – Kya.

8.  If an
islander asks, “Do I belong to the ‘No
type”, which of the following is correct?

(a) He is a ‘No’.

(b) He is a ‘Yes’.

(c) It is impossible for him to have asked such a question.

(d) His type cannot be identified

9.  Ram and Laxman are brothers from the Island.
Laxman asks you, “Is at least one of us brothers of type ‘No”? You can conclude

(a) Ram is ‘NO’, Laxman is ‘Yes ‘.

(b) both are ‘Yes’.

(c) Ram is ‘Yes’, Laxman is ‘No’.

(d) both are ‘No’.

10.  You are
approached by one of the islanders and asked, “Am I of type ‘Yes”? You can
infer that

(a) he was a ‘No’.

(b) he was a ‘Yes’.

(c) such a situation is not possible.

(d) no conclusion is possible.

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1(b)    2(b)    
3(b)    4(c)     5(a)    
6(a)   7(b)    8(c)    
9(a)    10(d)   

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