launched by an IIM-C graduate

Four months after his convocation from IIM Calcutta, Ankur put together a team with Maninder Gulati, a senior from IIT Bombay who quit his job at ITC to join Nirjhareswar Bannerjee and Nilesh Pancholi, both into technology, also joined the team.

Explaining in detail about Lifeinlines, Ankur said, aItas about capturing moments, thoughts and experiences from your everyday life, anytime, anywhere, using any media available.a About his source of guidance, Ankur said that aMr. Ajit Balakrishnan, the CEO of and the chairman of the Board of Governors at IIM Calcutta has been an informal mentor and kind enough to offer advice and references frequently.a

Talking about Lifeinlines Maninder Gulati said, aDespite all the facilities on emails, messengers and mobiles, amidst fast and busy lives, staying in close touch with people you care for is still rather difficult. Typical exchanges on current social networks are rather superficial or occasional in nature. In that sense, – as a moment by moment chronicle of your life, becomes a simple and powerful way to stay in intimate touch with people you care for.a

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