Lecture On “Opportunities for MBAs in IT industry” at IIT Kanpur

Mr. Pradeep Gopi, Head Strategic Recruitment, US Technology, kept the audience at IIT Kanpur glued to the seats for a 2 hour long session during his lecture on “Opportunities for MBAs in the IT Industry”. Once again this was a session organised as a part of “JYOTIRGAMAYA”, the Corporate Interaction Series. The guest was felicitated by Prof. Jayanta Chatterjee. of the IME department. Mr. Gopi emphasized the huge untapped potential in the Global Outsourcing business, whose annual revenue goes to a magnificent $1 Trillion, where India enjoys just a tenth of the pie. Reiterating his point he mentioned that the industry is growing at a 60% CAGR and is expected to generate a total of 1 crore jobs by the end of 2010. He said the nation’s economy is in a transition phase, wherein we need leaders to complete this transformation. Stating ‘MBA as the starting point’ in the knowledge industry, he stressed upon the need of a constant learning attitude, plus ‘Personal Discipline’, which he opined we Indians need to work upon. Saying that the opportunities today are equal and galore at HBS, IIT or an institute at Trivandrum, he concluded vision is one thing that decides your altitude.

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