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  • Know your PGite-Suhas Anand, snan, IIM-A 2006

    You’ve seen him post and have appreciated it. Now here is some real interesting stuff for you guys to munch on. Our own exclusive interview of our PG dude Suhas Anand aka snan , who is at IIMA and will graduate in 2006. Here we go … !

    Suhas Anand a.k.a Sooha$$ a.k.a snan on the forums!

    Under-Graduation: REC-Calicut 2001-Mechanical

    Work-Ex: 32months ( L& T )

    Cat Percentile: 99.79 (phew;))

    Confirmed final calls: BLACK + NITIE + SPJain

    CAT Gyaan:

    —-> Preparation is the key to cracking CAT. Take tests, and more

    importantly analyse each and every test.

    —-> Maximize Verbal Score ; Clearing Quant cut-offs (sounds quite easy, right)

    —-> Selecting the right question and leaving the wrong question.

    More importantly, knowing when to leave the wrong question and not

    letting ego come in way.

    Loves these @ A :

    —-> Standard of Professors and Colleagues

    —-> Case methodology of teaching

    Pet hates @ A:

    —-> Extreme academic rigour

    Whatcha love about Confluence: “Get to listen to good speakers”

    How did PaGaLGuY.com help ya ?

    —-> Being with like-minded people

    —-> Free resources and more importantly, more relationships with

    people who think and live CAT

    —-> The questions, the analyses, etc

    Plans to specialize in —-> General Management + some fin + some strategy papers (IIMA does not have a system of specialization,

    everyone gets a general mgmt degree)

    Does Suhas sleep?? (all important question!!!)—-> Yes

    How many minutes a day?? —-> >300 (not at all bad, i say :p)

    “Sleep is entirely a function of the grades that one would be satisfied with”

    Plays(i.e. when he gets time) : Cricket, Volleyball

    Has this lovely opinion on the food in the canteen —-> Sucks πŸ˜€ (Note: Check bottom of article for latest update)

    Take on Life @ IIMA :

    —-> It ain’t as bad as it is made out to be and as bad as he

    thought it would be

    —-> Wonders why term 1 is extremely rigorous

    —-> Feels the rigour leaves practically no time

    —-> The entire course is very academically oriented

    —-> Feels most junta are risk-averse

    —-> No encouragement for being creative

    So, what does it take to survive @ A :

    —-> One has to be inherently competitive

    —-> Being intelligent helps πŸ˜‰

    —-> Slogging (majorly in terms 1 and 3 of first year)

    —-> Helps to be a team player

    —-> An ability to work with people who ahve different levels of egoism

    Okay, so what dya feel is the driving force for people doin an MBA @ IIMA ?

    —-> Placements—-for close to 70% of batch, resta folks here for learning

    Further queries : Please post on the forum πŸ™‚

    In conversation with uRmad and typed at 2.00AM while hearing the din of the party @ the ramp on day 2 of Confluence 2004 πŸ˜€

    And here is SooHa$$ trying to look hip and pose for the cam

    Edit:01/06/2005: Suhas has changed his opinion on the food in the canteen since the time the interview took place. The IIM-A Canteen now has a new contractor and looks like Suhas’s opinion as elicited in this interview, played a role in that. Suhas was contacted by the administrative authorities on his opinion now !! As of now, Suhas is enjoying his food just as much as his MBA there πŸ™‚

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