Know your PGite-Anuj Arora, Anuj, IIM-A 2005

Here’s the guy who’s been keeping ya folks in the loop on recent happenings @ IIMA, the guy who joined the forums pretty recently, but has plunged head on since then, the guy who’s now busy chilling out waiting for the placement week to start, the guy who belongs to the class of 2005, IIMA. Anuj Arora a.k.a. Hanjo Singh (more on this in another article ? ) a.k.a. Anuj on the forums.

Under-Graduation: Kurukshetra University (B.E. – E.C.E) Fresher

CAT Percentile : 98.78

Final Calls : A (can ya get any luckier than this !!)

CAT/GD-PI Gyaan:

—-> Don’t mention what stream you plan to specialize in your PI. Doing that would be a definite invitation to probe deep and further into your knowledge of that field. “The Panel Knows everything of nothing !!!”

—-> Don’t give generic, global stuff on your C.V. You could literally get Rap#% !!

—-> Be well prepared on your interests that you mention. Don’t put anything for the sake of putting.

—-> Don’t expect affirmations/denials from adcom while answering. Consequently, don’t read too much into any gesture (past years indicate such gestures as giving chocolates, offering tea et al )

—-> If something goes wrong in one part of your interview, don’t let that hamper the rest of your interview.

—-> Stay Cool

—-> Try not to use any fancy jargon ?

Anuj, in past year and half, fell in love with these @ A:

—-> “A” is a goldmine of knowledge. What you take from here depends solely on you.

—-> Life here teaches you humility

—-> One gets umpteen number of opportunities at various things here

—-> The scale of things that happens here is really huge

And these are some things he could do less with @ A:

—-> Less person to person contact

—-> Less freedom

—-> People becoming individualistic to a certain extent

Anuj is specializing in : Marketing

And yes, thankfully Anuj sleeps a good 6hrs a day, much to the envy of a lotta fuchchas ? (but feels he has to cut down)

Survival kit @ A must have:

—-> Will power

—-> Belief in oneself

—-> Ability to find one’s level (grades) and staying there

Since Anuj has been around for some time in A, we asked him what in his opinion was the driving force for most junta here : was it placements or was it learning. And he had this to say :

When people come in :

Placements: 70%

Learning: 30%

@ end of year 1:

Placements: 50%

Learning : 50%

He believes that since most aspirants have hardly any kind of info about life @ A or the kind of learning that is possible there, most people see only the salary figures since that is the only info available in the public domain.

Sound Bites :

—-> First thing one realizes after coming into A, All you know is Nothing !!

—-> Getting in is NOT a matter of life and death

—-> To better appreciate the learning methodologies, it is best advised to have diversified work-ex before coming to A. Anuj believes the average minimum work-ex is only gonna increase in coming years.

—->Ranking is all Hoopla; Use your common sense and realize the business aspect of rankings

—-> And finally, IIMA guys are not geeks ?

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