Judge Business School: Phd student gets a Canadian award

The Governor Generalas Awards in Commemoration of the Persons Case honours individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of women in Canada. Ben was nominated for the award by Tiuu Poder, President, BASE Atlantic, Business Advisory Services and Entrepreneurship. She said aThere is no more of a deserving recipient for this award than Ben Barry. He is making the most positive impact of anyone I have encountered on women and their self image. Ben is instrumental in affecting a change of societal values of women through both his modelling agency and his research at Judge Business School.a
While running his modelling agency, Ben is studying for his PhD on an Ogilvy Foundation Research Grant at Judge Business School. His research on aWhy Reflect Reality: An Eight Country Study of the Role and Relevance of Models in Fashion Advertsa, is further enabling him to explore what types of models actually generate positive brand attitudes from consumers. In addition he is revealing how women want to be represented in the fashion and beauty industry in Canada and internationally.

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