JBIMS holds Annual Business Festival, Prayaag 2007

The fest began with KwizKraft, which saw corporates and students matching their wits against each other to find out who knew more about the world around them. This was followed by events like The Village – a simulation where the students had to make agricultural decisions to get the best yield out of their land, 4Ps – a game that redefined the paradigms of marketing, Virtual Stock Market – where the investors of tomorrow were making money today.

The other highlights of the Festival were the Arbit Presentation where students made impromptu and innovative presentations to the audience. Well renowned marketing guru Mr. Nitin Ghadiyar judged the event and enthralled the audience with his scintillating wit and class. The festival culminated with Prayaag Maze. This modern day treasure hunt made the students go through three rigorous rounds of elimination, covering the entire gamut of knowledge and skill expected from an aspiring manager, before they could hunt for the bounty. Only the best survived.

Prayaag 2007 saw participation from more than 1000 students from across the country and an equal number in corporate participation. This year Prayaag saw international participation as well. An event befitting the legacy of the institute!

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