IRMA Alumni Series #2 Prerna Gupta (Sole Proprietor – EdUstrums)

In  2013, Prerna worked as a Production Manager with Rangsutra Crafts, Bikaner.  Since 2014, she has been working with her husband’s NGO ‘Lokayan’, and has  been helping them in organising several cultural events in and around  Bikaner. In 2016, with the support of Rajasthan tourism department and  Rajasthan police department, they organised a one week long folk music and  travel festival ‘Rajasthan Kabir Yatra 2016’ in the rural areas of Bikaner  district.

At present, Prerna is busy with her own startup ‘edUstrums’ which is all about education, you, and music. The main goal of edUstrums is to help people introspect, discover and learn more about themselves- their thoughts, their hobbies and passions, their goals, and their personal and professional lives.

Prerna’s career path is directed by her passion towards craft, travel, and music. She started her career as Trainee Merchandise in FabIndia. While working there, she wished to explore the places where such beautiful stuff was being made. Getting admission in IRMA was one of the most beautiful game-changers in her life. IRMA gave her a chance to study the craft sector more deeply. She did her fieldwork with URMUL (Rajasthan), and her internships with Rangsutra (Rajasthan) and Kalaraksha, (Gujarat). Later, she accepted the pre-placement offer (PPO) from Rangsutra and joined them as Production Manager.

The first key spark in her career was the success of a seven days- folk music and travel festival “Rajasthan Kabir Yatra 2016”, which was organized by her with the support of Rajasthan tourism department and Rajasthan Police Department. The second key spark to her career was edUstrums’s live performance at Superintendent of Police’s house, Bikaner.  The songs she wrote, composed and sung for edUstrums, and the goal of edUstrums were appreciated by their eminent audience.

Along with the academic knowledge, IRMA has also taught her about team work and pressure handling. Fieldwork, OTS and MTS gave an exposure to real organizational structures and gave an experience of dealing with different types of people in different scenarios. So many tests, exams, group projects, presentations, deadlines etc taught her pressure handling and time management. IRMA also sensitised her more towards rural people and village systems.