Innovation Through Digitalization at VIT Business School

VIT is one of the institutions in the country that is known for innovation through digitalization. VIT Business school, in particular, aims to be the training ground which would enable its students to be the ones who show the way to the digital future. That’s the reason why anything and everything in VIT Business School is digital. Attendance, teaching, learning, assignments, quizzes, exams, projects, guest lectures, research, VIT Business School makes sure that everything is digital.

Time-bound digital assignments, quizzes, and examinations, that are conducted through digital means and submitted to the cloud, ensure that the students are exposed to the latest trends in the technology. Even the marking of the attendance through a digital biometric system.

Teaching which is again done digitally with the help of digital smart boards, presentations and video lectures makes the process interesting and also makes sure that the concept is well understood by students. Students are trained to be excellent time managers.

The assignments, projects, and research that are done digitally, making use of the latest tools used in the industry make sure that the students are well equipped to use the tools from day one in the industry.

In addition, the availability of the lecture notes and materials in the cloud makes sure that the students can access the material from anywhere, at any time.

All these digital initiatives also reduce the use of paper to the bare minimum, ensuring that the teaching-learning process is done in the greenest way possible!

These initiatives make sure that every student who goes out of VIT Business School, is well-equipped for the digital future, ensuring success in an ever-changing business environment.


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