IIM-C conducts its final placements

Pay Packets
The highest domestic salary offered was a whopping Rs 40 lakhs. Unlike most B-Schools these were not mere outliers, proven by the staggering rise in the domestic average salary in Slot 0 to Rs 20.9 lakh from Rs 14.8 lakh last year.

India Calling
The total number of foreign accepted offers reached an all-time high of 58. But the most heartening aspect of the placement season has been the preference shown by many students for domestic offers. Over a dozen students rejected overseas offers to stay back in India though in the same industries and companies, pointing towards a healthy trend in recruitment at the top B-school. This is mainly due to the booming growth story of India and the surge of the investment banks and consults into Indian soil.

New Recruiters and the Finance Stronghold
Apart from the usual suspects – world’s leading strategy consulting firms and investment banks – there were several firms that chose to recruit exclusively from the Calcutta campus. Value Partners, Optiver, BNP, among others, decided to give all other B-Schools a by and pick all their fresh recruits from IIM Calcutta. Optiver is a trading brokerage firm that usually limited its recruitment drive to Ivy League management schools before this and since it lays a lot of emphasis on quantitative skills IIM Calcutta is a natural choice. The curriculum at the institute is very well suited to produce potential stars for finance firms, and that is why they are lapped up the moment they pass out.

An Ivy League Institute in India

With multiple investment banks offering Associate positions to 4 students and consulting firms offering positions usually offered only to Ivy League schools, IIM Calcutta alumni have earned the institute the deserved right to be ranked amongst the top B-Schools across the globe.

Emerging Markets – Emerging Industries
In addition to Investment banks, firms from retail and supply chain management also offered foreign locations. Another trend of note was the influx of firms from the middle- east. The increase in offers from Singapore, Hong Kong and other South East Asian and East Asian markets is a testament to the trust in IIM Calcutta’s talent to lead the growth in these sunrise industries and high growth markets.

Given below are the statistics for the placement season 2006-2007:

Total number of students: 251
Total offers: 531
Total companies: 108
New comers:
ING (Netherlands), Bain Consulting, Trikona (Real Estate and Private Equity), CIC (Real Estate and Private Equity), Value Partners (Strategy Consulting) and Optiver (Market Maker).

Recruiting exclusively from IIMC:

JP Morgan Chase, BNP Paribas, Sun Group (Private Equity) and Optiver.
Packages offered :
2006 2007 Percent(pc) Increase
Slot 0 Highest Domestic INR 23 Lakhs INR 40 Lakhs 74 pc
International 152,000 USD 250,000 USD 64 pc
Average Domestic INR 14.65 Lakhs INR 20.9 Lakhs 43 pc
Slot 1 Highest Domestic INR 16.75 Lakhs INR 18 Lakhs 7 pc
Average Domestic INR 9.65 Lakhs INR 12.35 Lakhs 28 pc
Slot 2 Highest Domestic INR 12.5 Lakhs INR 17 Lakhs 36pc
Average Domestic INR 8.48 Lakhs INR 9.95 Lakhs 17pc
Total Average Domestic INR 9.81 Lakhs INR 14.17 Lakhs 44pc

Which sectors did students go to:

Sectors to which firms belong to:
Student profile:
Work experience (number of students) :

– Less than 11 months : 93
– From 11 – 22 months : 28
– From 22 – 40 months : 105
– More than 40 months : 25

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