IIFT’s 2009 class convocates

The highest domestic salary package for MBA-IB students was Rs. 19 lacs. The list of recruiters included global companies like ITC, Colgate Pamolive, Nomura Holdings, Coca Cola etc, said their statement.

The convocation was addressed by the guest of day, Dr C Rangarajan, Chairman, PMas Economic Advisory Council & Former RBI Governor. He threw some light on the current economic situation stating, “India’s growth rates will be below 7% as compared to 9% in previous year. Prospects do not appear to be better. While in 2008-09 the first half escaped the impact of global recession, in the current year the impact will be felt throughout the year,” the release quoted as him saying.

“The Indian financial system is not directly exposed to the “toxic” or “distressed” assets of the developed world. This is not surprising since the Indian banks have very few branches abroad. However the indirect impact on the economy because of recession is very much there,” he added.

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