Get XAT prep advice from the XAT 2011 Helpline by XIMBs 99 percentiler students

The Xaviers Admissions Test (XAT) is on January 2, 2011, so a few XAT 99 percentilers from Xaviers Institute of Management, Bhubhaneswar (XIMB) have teamed up on PaGaLGuY to offer last-minute tips and advice on taming the exam. If you have questions about XAT or need help with figuring out a strategy for XAT, feel free to pick their brains.

Take me to the XAT 2011 Helpline

Shoot your questions there to get (almost) instant answers.

If their advice really ends up helping you in XAT, send them a box of chocolates in appreciation. If it doesnt, send that box over to us at PaGaLGuY HQ.

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