For those who find Bollywood bland!

Apparently, everyone hated ‘Dhoom 3’. I have not watched it, but people say it is shamelessly copied from Hollywood movies like ‘Prestige’ and a few others. It is considered to be the worst suited role for Aamir Khan. Katrina Kaif surely would have had nothing much to do other than dance around.The million dollar question here is, “How and why the hell it became the highest grossing movie of all times in Bollywood?”.

If the word of mouth for a movie is so negative, how can it continue its run on box office for more than 2 months?

The answer is: “People chose Bollywood for masala entertainment paisa wasool type movies and Hollywood for sci-fie or intelligent ones. When a thoughtful movie is released in India, they don’t go and watch it.”

There are many people out there who will, at the drop of hat, criticize Bollywood for plagiarism and lack of originality. The sad part is that half of them still contribute in success of trash content of many such movies.

Now coming back to ‘Thoughtful Indian movies’, people really don’t want to watch movies like ‘Lunchbox’ or ‘Highway’ when they release. They will say ‘Yeah, I heard Highway is good, blah blah blah’ but won’t go and watch it.

Everyone is expecting filmmakers to make some really good, intelligent and entertaining movies, but maybe they(filmmakers) are gauging everyone’s lukewarm response to such good movies and hence deciding to cling to the routine stuff. After all, if we want entertainment, they want money too.

Talk about originality? Why do you think Gangs of Wasseypur ddn’t make 200 crores? (I doubt it made 100) Afterall, it was an original and non-plagiarized piece of indian cinema, pure till the core, entertaining, dramatic, full of action, wonderful performances and a very much above average music too.

I agree Bollywood might be different and not as ‘Sophisticated’ as Hollywood is considered to be. It’s dramatic. It has evolved according to the tastes of people. It is still a BIG DEAL for absolutely amazing (and original) movies like ‘Queen’ to make 50 crore at the box office, while ‘Ek tha Tiger’ still makes 300 crores and walks away with all the money.

How damn frustrating would it be for the filmmakers to see such statistics and still believe that ‘Original and intelligent’ movies can be made in a country like India. Here, all people want to do is to speak sh*t about Bollywood, be in an awe of admiration for Hollywood and still walk into the theater to watch ‘Bodyguard’ to whistle at every stunt Salman performs or every song Kareena dances at!

I am not against any actor or director in particular. If we think Bollywood is not as good enough as Hollywood is, we are correct. If we think filmmakers are the reason, we are wrong. We are the reason. It’s always a two way process, Demand and supply concept. If we do not prefer walking into the theater to watch a really good movie, next time the same director will throw some south remake in the theater and sadly, masses will enjoy it and later abuse Bollywood.

The only way to end this streak is to first realize what we want, then look at what we have got, and finally criticize what we get.