FMS, Delhi: Instilling Corporate Social Responsibilty

According to Jindal Haria, President – Vihaan, the money raised through the auction would be distributed to two or more NGOs. His team is currently evaluating offerings by a few NGOs and will be shortlisting some in a week or two. Last year the money collected was used to sponsor the education of girl children through Deepalaya.

For the new batch, i.e. batch of 2010 it was their first experience with the Silent Auction. As an incentive to encourage and involve the students to participate, there were two cash prizes; one for the highest spender and one for the student who helps raise maximum revenue. Another new concept was that the students were allowed to bid collectively; and both these concepts had a large role in collection of the amount.

The single item that raised the highest amount this year was accounting classes, which was sold for Rs. 5000, an increase of over 60% from last yearas figure. A dinner date by Nikhil Jain was sold for Rs. 4000 (costliest date at FMS). The other well fought bids included aa trip to old Delhia, aMantras of success at FMS by a seniora, aSalsa Classesa, aPrivate Equity Classesa, aNotes and Assignmentsa and aChit-Chat and Gossip Sessions.

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