Final placements held at XIMB

In the case of the PGDM batch, out of the more than 100 companies that had evinced interest to participate in the Placement process, 75 were slotted out of which 62 companies were lucky enough to recruit before the end of the placement process. A total of 248 offers were made to a batch of 118 students which leads to an average of 2.1 offers per student. Along with the regular recruiters such as JP Morgan Chase, Olam International, ICICI Bank, TCS, PriceWaterHouse Coopers and Marico, the campus saw a huge jump in the number of new recruiters with as many as 25 new companies visiting the campus for the first time. Among the new companies were Mediacom, HSBC Bank, Irevna, SEBI, Verizon, Aptivaa Consulting, Barclays Bank PLC, Vodafone, RPG, Glenmark Pharma, Deutsche Bank, Hindustan Times, Hewitt Associates, Deloitte Consulting and many more. The breadth of profiles offered to the students this year were astounding with profiles as diverse as Treasury Management, SCM consulting, Risk Management and Investment Banking, Wealth Management and Corporate Banking being on offer. Finance proved to be the major draw this year with 35 pc of the batch signing out with offers from Banks and other financial institutions. Among the many finance majors which visited the campus were Deutsche Bank, Barclays Bank PLC, HSBC, SEBI, Axis Bank, Irevna, ICICI Bank and SBI Caps. The highest offer went up to Rs.16.5 lpa, which was offered by JP Morgan Chase. In the IT/ITES sector, apart from the regular recruiters like TCS, Wipro , Infosys, and Cognizant Technologies, this year saw the advent of several new recruiters like Verizon, Barclays Technology Services and WNS Global. The highest salary on offer in this sector was Rs.12 lpa .

The Marketing area saw new companies like Vodafone, RPG Cellular, Mediacom, HT media and the Trident group apart from the FMCG regulars like Marico and Godrej. The highest salaries in the FMCG and Media sector were Rs. 10.5 lpa and Rs. 11.5 lpa respectively. The HR and consulting scene looked bright with companies like Hewitt Associates, Deloitte & Touche sharing space alongside the regular recruiters like Ernst & Young, Tata Group HR, Grow Talent and PriceWaterHouse Coopers. The salaries in this area were as high as Rs. 13 lpa. This year the number of PPO/PPIs offers was 32. There were a total of 4 international offers made and the highest offer of $85,000 was made by Olam International. The highest domestic offer of Rs. 16.5 lpa was made by JP Morgan Chase. The average salary saw a considerable hike by 15 pc to Rs. 10.12 lpa .This was a 100 pc increase in salary over the last three years.

The mean domestic salary figures were an impressive Rs. 9.56 lpa whereas the median for the same stood at Rs. 9.5 lpa. In the case of the PGDM (RM) batch, 18 companies visited the campus and made a total of 75 offers to a batch of 61 students which works out to 1.23 offers per student. There were a number of new recruiters like IMRB international, Research International, Reliance Life Insurance, ICICI Lombard, IOCL and IFMR (CDF) in addition to regulars like Amul, Monsanto, SKS Microfinance and HDFC Bank. The profiles offered stretched across the areas of Agribusiness, Banking and Insurance, Development & Microfinance and Research. On many occasions the profiles offered to the candidates were developed and designed mutually by the recruiter and the candidate. This resulted in many challenging and enriching profiles being on offer. The highest salary offered was Rs.8.50 lpa while the average salary stood at Rs. 6.01 lpa which was an 18 pc increase over last year. The median salary was Rs. 5.85 lakhs with 45 pc of the batch securing a salary higher than Rs. 6 lpa.

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