Final placements held at DMS, IIT- Delhi

Business Schools in India today are warehouses of huge Management talent pool in the making. The storage and processing procedures are what demarcate one warehouse from the other. If a B-School does nothing to aggrandize the Managerial acumen of its wards, it would always remain a warehouse. But to evolve, make a mark among so many excellent B-Schools in the country, it is not enough to be a warehouse. The need of the hour is to be a Processing Center for Managerial Brains, and DMS, IIT-D seems to have read this writing on the wall.

While the name IIT may strike to everyone an image of a very technical institution, it is a little known fact that IITs are making a conscious attempt to imbibe all disciplines into their repertoire, all the time taking care not to deprive each of them of their sanctity. An MBA course at IIT carries the essence of IIT, but only the ethical and moral fabric of IIT – to be complete, honest and enriching. A look at the students coming out of DMS, IIT-D would sure make this clear.

DMS makes sure its wards are given the best of education and managerial exposure. Unique courses like Health Care Management are offered to the students apart from the mainstream curriculum to give them an insight into various requirements of the market. To do complete justice to this, Prof. Stan Kachnowski of Columbia University has been invited to hold sessions for this course. Prof. Kachnowski floated this course for all the students of DMS as an elective and students enrolled for this course were engaged in a Two-Day Intensive Workshop on Healthcare Management which was presided over by Jonathan White, Senior Vice President, worldwide technology and business innovation, Pfizer Inc. Mr. Jonathan White, Worldwide CIO, Pfizer, flew in from New York to judge a business plan competition at the Department of Management Studies(DMS), IIT Delhi The competition was part of Healthcare e-governance course conducted by Prof Stan Kachnowski from Columbia University, New York. Both Prof Kachnowski and Dr. White were impressed by the quality of students. “You all have lived by your truly word class reputation and I am thoroughly impressed”, said Dr White while addressing the class after the competition. Students of DMS, IIT-D are also pursuing their summers at Pfizer Inc., USA.

DMS, IIT-D is one of those B-Schools in the country with a philosophy of its own. World over the need of considering an organization with respect to the environment it sustains in is being observed, and it is a universally accepted fact that the key to master this situation is Flexibility- in processes, in persons and in organizations. This can be achieved only by observing, understanding and mastering the organizations in a holistic perspective. DMS, IIT-D focuses its curriculum and activities wholly on this perspective and this has attracted managerial talent worldwide to take strong notice of DMS, IIT-D a result of which was the visit of Evening Batch MBA Students of University of Minnesota. 33 Students of the Management of Technology programme of Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota visited DMS, IIT Delhi and interacted with both students and faculty. The HoD of the School who also visited DMS, in a note mentioned that he and his students were impressed by the way students and corporats in India were leveraging their core capabilities in science, technology,
manufacturing, intellectual/human capital, improved processes, knowhow, and
leadership base to power economic growth and to realize India’s aspirations
toward societal progress with positive economic impact, which is where students of DMS can efficiently contribute. The visiting students were all either entrepreneurs or students who have earlier worked in organizations like Sea Gate, BEA Systems for long years and were looking for a career change. They learnt of the philosophy and focus of DMS, IIT-D and chose to visit the institute for a week to interact with the students and faculty. Their visit was as enlightening to the students of DMS as it was to them.

The uniqueness and validity of the thought, philosophy and focus of DMS, IIT-D is reflected through the universal barometer we employ to measure the strength of a B-School – The Placement Statistics. Companies that visited the campus and recruited the students learnt about the institute and students, and being immensely satisfied with them had upped their recruitment figures. This industry appreciation to the institute and students is illustrated by the fact that corporates appreciated the compensation offered to the students of DMS after their interaction with the students and discussions thereafter. The positive feedback about the students seemed to reach the right sources, thus escalating the erstwhile average salary of 8.45Lpa on the placement day to 8.892 Lpa, which was mainly due to the increase in compensation offered in the Offer Letters received. The median salary now stands at 8.35Lpa. Companies were very eager to have the students on their rolls and this resulted in a final roll out of 94 offers to a class of 45 students, thus ending each student with an average of 2.1 offers. This is a standing testimony to the fact that the convictions and focus of DMS, IIT-D are what makes market-ready Managers who can take organizations to greater heights.

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