IFIM Business School, Bangalore, recently conducted 2 surveys amongst it’s most valued and
crucial stakeholders- the graduating batch of 2012-14 and their parents. The results spoke
volumes about how satisfied both the students and parents are with IFIM. This is enough
motivation for the IFIM family to strive towards greater heights.

IFIM Business School celebrated its 18th convocation on 06th June, 2014. It was a momentous
occasion for our students and their parents. The occasion was somber, yet simple – with the
participation of all graduating students and their parents. Dignitaries from the industry as well
as the academia addressed the gathering. IFIM believes in continuous improvement through
feedback from its stakeholders. So, we used this occasion to garner feedback from parents of
the graduating students.

Placement Feedback Survey

In our effort to consistently improve our service offering we conducted a feedback survey of
the graduating batch. The survey intended to find the perception about the placement services
which are offered to the students. We plan to use this as an input in improving our
performance and increasing the satisfaction level of the students and their families.

We had divided the question in four categories. The students were asked to judge our
performance on each of these parameters. The categories, services and the response are
mentioned in the table below. Out of the 150 students who attended the convocation, 98
participated in the survey and answered all the questions.

Performance categories and respective scores

Feedback of Parents of the 2012-14 Batch

A questionnaire with about fifteen questions was administered to the parents who attended
the ceremony. The questions covered all aspects of the functioning of IFIM – from quality of
education/faculty to extra-curricular activities and social life. It was on a five- point scale, with
“1” being the lowest and “5” being the highest score.

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We are glad to inform you that IFIM has come out with flying colors in almost all aspects of our
functioning. Most of the responses, cumulatively, rated in and around 4.0 out of the maximum
achievable of 5.0. The school has received excellent feedback on quality of education and the quality of faculty. The parents were also specifically asked about the transformation they have
observed in their wards, in the two years they have spent here. The response was
overwhelmingly positive.

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