Dr CK Prahalad to visit GIM

As part of the initiative, Dr Prahalad will be travelling to Goa in the second week of January 2009 to speak at an event hosted by GIM on the theme aGlobal Restructuring of Industries. Is there an India Advantage?a. GIM has also invited Mr Anoop Madhok, Professor at the Schulich School of Business, York University to conduct lectures at the institute.

Mr Alan DaSouza, Director, GIM of the association said, aAs part of our value system at GIM, we emphasize on providing a good quality education to our students. We encourage students to view an MBA degree/diploma not merely as a passport to a well paid job, but as a first step towards a good future career. Remuneration should come as a byproduct of value delivered. Iam sure our association with committed individuals such as Dr CK Prahalad and Mr Anoop Madhok will add value to the institutea.

For additional information visit www.gim.ac.in

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