Director of Nicholas Piramal speaks at TAPMI on Personal Marketing

Mr Sikka opened the session by explaining how our society is built on negativity. He questioned, aIs there any point of wasting our energy in criticizing others for no reasons when we do not have much time to fight with ourselves?a He explained how a person can possibly come out of this negativity and start utilizing his resources effectively by being open minded & and thinking out-of-box. Mr Sikka asked all the adults to learn a thing or two from the innocent nature of an infant characterized by aSmile for no reasons, Cry only for a reasona. He said that a smile helps in building relationships instantaneously and also helps in building acredibilitya which is one of the most important aspects of personal marketing in the contemporary business world.

Mr Sikka gave the mantra of aThe Three Baby Stepsa, namely keep your body light, effective communication and keep your mind light. He said, aKeep your body lighta.. Eat carefully, treat your body as the temple of soul and observe self discipline where you do not go overboard in eating trash. Secondly, communicate well, speak well of others where you can, and avoid loose talk, bad mouthing, gossip etc. This will help you in conserving energy, help in cleansing internal blockagesa. He urged the students to observe the aforementioned two steps till they become part and parcel of oneas life. Once a person succeeds in the first two steps, then the third step takes shape automatically oneas mind opens up to the limitless horizons of knowledge. He concluded his session with the saying, aA thousand miles journey begins with the first step”.

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