Director of Cambridge MBA programme to present a seminar

Dr Runde will give a one-hour presentation entitled: ‘Users, user innovation and the identity of technological objects’. He will draw on the philosophical discipline of aontologya (the study of what exists and modes of existence) to demonstrate that the identity of all of the technological objects that surround us flow from both their physical form and social function. Taking the case study of the rise of aturntablisma a the musical form of scratching records adopted by hip-hop bands and DJs in 1970s New York – Dr Runde will explain how a consumer group can change the way a product is used. In so doing, the users create a completely new identity for what is essentially the same object, offering opportunities for manufacturers.

The MasterClass in Management Seminars is a series of lectures organized by QS as part of the World MBA Tour which looks at themes such as strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing and leadership. Presented by professors from various business schools, the series provides potential MBA candidates a taste of the business school classroom and an insight into best practices drawn from case studies around the world.

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