Corporate Quiz organized at GIM

The quiz began with a written elimination round where Mr Anthony asked 25 questions to all the 14 competing teams, answers of which they had to write on a piece of paper & submit to Mr. Anthony at the end of the round. On the basis of these answers 6 teams namely Synapse 1, the host team GIM, Bajaj Alliance, Savoir Faire, Persistent Systems, Synapse 2 were short-listed for the next round. The battle for the winning title consisted of 4 rounds, the last two being buzzer rounds. The quizmaster ensured that it was an interactive quizzing session giving the audience ample opportunities to win prizes. The end of buzzer round resulted in Synapse 2 consisting of Manisha & Sirish emerging as winners. Three times winner Savoir Faire came Second and the host team of GIM consisting of Giju Abraham Mathew & Shrayas Saranathan secured the Third Position. Since, as per the tradition of WIZBIZ the host team is not given any cash prize therefore the 3rd Prize went to Synapse 1.

A fun-filled enlightening evening came to a close with the institute’s director, Prof CM Ramesh presenting the prizes to the winners and a memento as a vote of thanks to the quizmaster cum alumnus Mr Ajay Anthony.

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