Bank on the CAT!

In this election season when we are talking and debating on all kinds of vote banks, why aren’t our political parties looking at the CAT vote bank? Even at a conservative estimate of 1.8 lac candidates taking the CAT/other MBA exams, their parents, siblings, girl friends/boy friends (in laws hoping to have a IIM bahu/Jamai), jealous neighborhood aunties, over curious relatives, office colleagues and minus their office bosses ( shhhh..they shouldn’t know until we resign) will take the count to 20 lac and lets assume each of these 20 lac people have a circle of influence of 5 other person that makes a whopping 1 crore votes.

Remember, this is the first national elections since CAT going online, NMAT letting 3 retakes, CMAT replacing MHCET for an year to make a comeback in Online avatar because CMAT was online (Dude ok Indian students seeking admissions may be fools but this was ridiculous, even if “Shehzada” was seeking admissions he would have caught you and sent you on Jupiter’s Escape velocity). This is the best time to tap into this potential Vote bank.

Some Manifesto points that would make a party win hands down is:


2 Ok! if you are telling me you are saving paper (quite surprisingly at the same time IIMs have moved from GDs to WAT) and can’t do away with online CAT, then NO NORMALIZATION. period.

3 No college digs into my past and asks me what i was doing 5-7 years before taking their exam. DO NOT barge into my privacy! ok during my 12th I was dreaming about IITs and during my graduation I was dreaming about my dream company but that shouldn’t stop me from dreaming about IIMs. (yeah don’t ask my percentages.It makes me INSANE!!!)

4 True placement reports! ( I think we deserve that to make an informed choice)

5 Ok I could have written NO reservations but like in national politics NO party would dare to touch that topic so let it be! ( yeah if any one has the guts to change it, dude you just WON!!)

6 No questions like “why MBA”, “5 years down the line” etc during the interviews, be truthful and ask them “what kind of pay package do you seek from our college?”

7 Ban the movie 2-states as seeing Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt studying at IIMA is a depressing sight for many serious CAT aspirants.

These are some suggestions from my side.Please feel free to pour in with your suggestions.Please don’t take this article or any comment made in it seriously, just like our politicians.And, yes all first time voters HAPPY VOTING!!