Annual IT Symposium to be held at DMS, IIT Delhi

According to the press release, a panel discussion will focus on questions like, aWould we in the near future see a drastic shift from the closed innovation paradigm to an open one? How would intellectual property rights and quality issues be resolved in such a model? Would open innovation actually reduce R&D; costs or instead have a spiralling effect on the same? Would the complexity of relationships, projects and ideas increase significantly making the idea unviable in the long run?”
Speakers participating in the event include:
1) Mr Palash Jain, Director, Google
2) Mr Agendra Kumar , Director, Symantec Corp
3) Mr Santanu Paul, Senior VP, Virtusa
4) Mr Amrita Gangotra, Director, Airtel
5) Mr Nawal, IBM

The Panel Discussion will be followed by a workshop on the theme aSystematic Thinking: Path to Innovationa conducted by Mr Kalyan Banerjee, Co-founder, MindTree Consulting. The agenda of the workshop is to introduce thinking as a systematic process. It would include discussions on thinking tools such as TRIZ and their implementation to find innovative solutions to problems.

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