Annual HR conclave concludes at Nirma University

Mr Saurabh Dixit in his address gave details on the evolution of the HR function. He cited the difference between Best people and Right people with the quote “People are not the most important asset, right people are.” Mr TK Mandal (Vice President HR, J. K. Papers Ltd.) took forward the theme of the conclave with his address on aCompetency based Talent Management Process at J. K. Papers Ltd.a He addressed the need to assess readiness for leadership transition, accelerate development and focus on driving performance.

Mr Arvind Joshi (President – HR of Dishman Pharmaceuticals and chemicals Ltd.) talked about aHRM Strategies in the Globally Competitive Scenarioa. He stressed upon the importance of young leadership in the future of management and the end of hierarchical structure in organizations. Mr Seshadri Rajaram (CEO of Eirhart Leimer, India) spoke about Challenges to HR function like Innovative/ Humane work practices, Empowerment of Employees and finally Knowledge Management. Mr Ghanshyam Singh (ASTA India) answered questions regarding current & future HR practices and their impact on the industry.

Mr Dilip Gaur (Group Executive President, Aditya Birla Group), Mr Bala Sundaram (Director- HR, Gujarat Gas Ltd.) and Mr Sanjeev Maheshwari (GM-HR, KEC International Ltd.) addressed the need for employee engagement to excel in the highly competitive market. They also talked about educational institutions adapting and updating their syllabus for facing newer challenges.

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