An Apology to IIMs! Part 2

First of all I’d like to apologize to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Management. I’m sorry that somehow Y chromosomes crept up in my genes and I was born a male. You want gender diversity in your campuses and it’s only fair that I will have to score 99.92 + to even expect a call from you.

Secondly, I made the mistake of being born in a general category family. I thought reservations were there to remove inequality but apparently they are there to make you jealous when a friend while below 80 percentile gets calls. How naïve of me!

I then made the cardinal sin of choosing an Engineering as my graduating discipline and that too from a college which gives an absolute GPA. So what if I was good in sciences? How audacious of me to pick a field I thought would be interesting. And why should the prestigious IIMs bother if people rarely get 80% in my college? I should have known better while joining the college. Now I must pay for the past. I scored 98.52 and didn’t get a call from the old IIMs. Even Shillong rejected me. I took solace from the fact that my friend , who had scored 99.58 but had no 90s in his board exams, got a call only from Shillong. When someone in campus asked us if we had received any calls, we could only joke “Haan aayi yaar, kal Mummy ki call aayi thi”.

But on a serious note. I’m all for giving non Engineering students an advantage(no sarcasm). But atleast give us engineers a fighting chance. Give us a call on our CAT scores, introduce the different factors later. Atleast let us try our hand at GDPIs…. If you really want the best minds in your campuses, improve your Admission process!

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  1. @ARYAN7277
    They call it PAP you know... all they account is how many you've done. you have to pay for your PAP.
    April 2019