Alumni quiz held at XIME

The event started of with an Ice Breaker game, which involved all the Alumni and Students getting to know each other and an opportunity to interact.

Raj Dham of Batch 7, a quiz enthusiast during his time here at XIME, and a quizmaster in his own right was the host and took the crowd through the preliminary round of 20 questions. After completing the preliminary round the audience broke for Tea on the central lawn.

The preliminary rounds done, it was now time for the Final Round and the Central Lawns provided the perfect venue in the starlit sky and the cool evening Bangalore Breeze.
The finalists were
1. Suchetan and Karthik from Batch 7
2. Abhinash and Thomas of Batch 11
3. Girish of Batch 8 and Sachin Madhavan of Batch 7
4. Avijeeth and Harris of Batch 12
5. George and Venkatraghavan of Batch 10
6. Siddharth Prakash and Mukund of Batch 12

A tussle between the Alumni – representing the ‘Corporate World’ and the present students was a delight to watch. And this particular quiz was marked by immense creativity and really high levels of awareness from the participants, who came up with sheer brilliance in face of questions with seemingly abstract clues.
Abhinash and Thomas of Batch 11 came out winners. Mahindra Holidays sponsored the first prize, a trip to any Mahindra Resort location worth Rs 14,000. Gift Wrapped (owned by Srinath Shetty of Batch 11) sponsored the Memento prizes.

It was a wonderful opportunity for the present batch students to interact with the Alumni, and the Alumni in turn shared their experiences regarding corporate life after their wonderful days at XIME. But a sentiment all the Alumni echoed were similar, Enjoy these Days here at XIME, for they were the best days of their lives!

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