aLeadership in Changing Business Environmenta , Henkel India MD at LIBA

With the Manufacturing and Services sector fueling the rapid growth of Indian economy opportunities available for entrepreneurs are plenty. In the next 10 years the country would demand more than 120 million jobs. There is still an untapped potential, which is huge, especially in industries like tourism, retail, infrastructure and biotechnology to name a few. India has less than 1% retail, which is organized as compared to China where it is 30%. In the field of agriculture there has been no notable modernization after the green revolution. There has been little attention given to innovation. These are certain areas, which needs more attention because the country still trails behind.

Mr.Satish Kumar highlighted the importance of entrepreneurs to face the challenges facing the business environment. Quoting Mr. Narayana Murthy, Mr. Kumar said, “A leader is a capitalist in the head and a socialist at heart”. Superior Consumer Insights, achieving customer delight, operational excellence, building strong organizations on capability platform are certain requirements that the business environment demands today. Leaders are identified by the traits they possess; however the list is quite exhaustive. Strategic intent, Time frame and Aspirations are the most important traits according to the speaker. Business Environment demands leaders who possess adaptive capacity. Selectively forgetting the past, managing the present and creating the future are certain methods that frame the strategy to manage challenges facing the business environment.

Mr.Satish Kumar spoke about the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility. He also explained the need to focus on developing uniform platforms for nurturing right talent for the country. The approach followed currently is old-fashioned and does not offer the much required talent pool for the country and business environment. Managers today draft strategies, which are often short termed, and the importance of sustained growth is mistakenly neglected. The speaker listed clear differentiation of Professional and Personal qualities that are required for success. Asking for help, organize for success, recognize and build on strengths, selective in choosing goals are certain professional approaches while pursing goals with passion, balanced work-life, deserve before desire are certain personal approaches for success.

With the population growing at 2% rate and with 40% of the existing population juvenile, India is expected to be a huge market in few years. The immense potential offers huge opportunities for leaders to emerge and revolutionize the marketing approaches by offering new sources of value, quality products at low cost and innovation.

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