Advisor & Head, NSTEBD visits BIM Trichy

India is a country of great potential, but the factor that holds individuals back is the risk factor, which discourages them from following up on their ideas. Successful entrepreneurs possess certain qualities that enable them to handle all that comes their way. Entrepreneurs manage risk, Shri Mittal said, taking risks that they can afford, and can handle. This is known as taking calculated risks.

They also have a positive self concept and a need to achieve that spurs them to greater and newer heights. But the question raised was, can this need to achieve be built in individuals ? And the answer given was, that yes, it can, through correct training and counseling. Entrepreneurs, more importantly, are open to and learn from feedback, which enables them to initiate corrective action, in time, if needed. Persons possess three characteristics when related to problems. They are problem identification, problem solving and avoiding. The first two should be built upon.

He concluded by stating that the encouraging fact is that the scenario in India is now changing, with people taking up entrepreneurship rather than jobs. An address that led many people to recognize the traits that they need to develop to fulfill their dream of becoming entrepreneurs in the future.

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