aAdvertising is a serious businessa, BBDO Pvt Ltd head at LIBA

Advertisements rely on three key factors: Content, Audience and Media. The Business of Content deals with issues like the fact that we live in an attention deficit society and Multi-tasking. Nearly 176 hours of ads are played over 126 channels on a daily basis, 28000 ads per day with 1100 ads per hour and 202 ads per day per channel only proves the rise of advertising in today’s media.

Mr. Srinivasan stressed on the point that content must be relevant and different. Nowadays ads should feature compelling content. Mr. Srinivasan then showed video clippings of popular ads like Adidas, Raymond, VISA, Kiwi, ICI Dulux Paints and Bank of India. He explained as to how these ads used values to target markets and even capture market share from the leaders. He also laid emphasis on the relevance of communication in ads. Ads and their relevance to audience is a matter of utmost importance these days. Not all communication is relevant to everybody. An example is the case of youth being attracted towards bike ads rather than car ads.
Communication that offers a single solution is looked with more attention and keenness. Those with multiple solutions fail to communicate with the audience. Communication must have cues for targeted audience to relate to it. When content is well directed with a single-minded proposition, it has to be brilliantly executed to acheive desired results. Today’s world is one of media clutter and attention deficiency. Hence, media function takes centre stage. From support function, more emphasis is laid on Strategic Function. Sharp planning can definitely instigate smart buying.

The Media has challenges often referred to as the 4 Cs: Choices, Clutter, Competition and Complexity. Fragmented audiences are another obstacle for ad makers. Diverse audiences and diverse media often affect affinity and preferences among the media. The audience can be divided into categories like youth, men and women, television being the most commonly used medium for ads. Ads target specific audiences and Mr. Srinivasan used the example of AXE Click and how it targets men and the channels displaying the ad happens to be News and Infotainment Channels.

Mr. Srinivasan also answered doubts regarding the use of latest technology in TV channels which allowed viewers to get rid of ads. He said that CBS, ABC and NBC would lose a great deal in advertising revenues, thanks to this system. But he reiterated that bypassing of ads does not mean the end. He pointed out the example of how BMW released an ad not on TV but online and still succeeded to create a market for them.

Finally, Mr. Srinivasan concluded that Advertising is not words, pictures and fun alone. It’s a serious business and one that works only if the messages are well crafted to spur the audience to action.

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