AISEEE Exam Pattern 2019

AISEEE 2019 Exam Pattern

It is crucial for the candidates to make themselves aware of the exam pattern as it would help in better performance in the exam. The examination is conducted both through online and offline mode. Candidates are required to answer around 90 multiple choice questions with 30 questions from each subject. The test contains three sections.

The total time duration available for the candidates is 90 minutes. Candidates should give the examination only in English. All the questions asked in this exam carry equal marks and the total marks awarded is 90 marks. This exam does not contain any negative marks. But, if we are giving more than one answer to the question, then it is considered as the incorrect answer.

Subjects Marks awarded
Physics 30
Chemistry 30
Mathematics 30

Candidates should give equal importance to all the subjects by allotting the time for each section accordingly.

Preparation tips

  • For successful performance in an exam, it is imperative to have a better plan. The candidate should formulate their plan taking into consideration the time left for the exam. more than formulating the plan, it is important to implement it.
  • Prepare a timetable of the syllabus to be covered and stick it on your study room. Check it regularly to ensure that you are following the plan with utmost sincerity.
  • Divide the subjects into the areas of strength and weakness. Have a quick revision of those areas in which you are strong and then start with your weakest area. It is better to leave those areas which you finding very difficult to understand as it would consume more time.
  • Candidates who are practising more number of questions will always have an edge over their competitors. You can solve question papers of varying difficulty level. This would enhance your chances of scoring high in the exam.
  • To get well acquainted with the pattern of the exam, candidates are advised to solve the previous year questions.
  • There are certain mock tests available on the website of the exam. Students should not forget to take these tests.
  • If you opting for the online mode in the exam, candidates should practise the tests by enrolling in the online test batches.
  • Make notes as and when you read the concepts. This would help in the last minute revision.
  • Aspirants should follow a different strategy for each subject. Mathematics is considered to be difficult for many students. To make it simpler, note down all the formula and revise it frequently. Solve as many problems as possible.
  • You can also use various innovative techniques for a better understanding of the concepts. Those techniques include the mind maps, flowcharts etc.
  • Organic chemistry is one of the most important topics which requires a better understanding. You can score very good marks in this subject if you are thorough with the concepts. You can achieve this by comparing different properties of the organic compounds by using the tabular column.
  • Likewise, you can compare different principles in physics to avoid confusion in the exams.
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