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    The Undisputed Queen of Quants on PaGaLGuY.com, the lady who could give many a sleepless night to competition with her “brutal” skills in numbers, the lady who has such impeccable academic credentials that can bowl anyone over (including the IIMA adcom), Here’s Bharathi S. for you, Class of 2006, IIMA Bharathi a.k.a. Bhars18 a.k.a. Quant Queen on the forums!!!

    Under-Graduation: Madras Institute of Technology (9.6 GPA !!!)

    XIIth : 95%

    Xth : 94%

    CAT Percentile : 98.32 (does it matter after her stellar acads ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    Final Calls: A & I

    Work-Ex: 25months (iNautix & Oracle Corp)

    CAT Gyaan:

    —-> Analyse thoroughly each test, it doesn’t matter how few or how many you end up taking, but it sure is important that you analyse each test completely

    —-> Don’t lose hope during SIMs/Mocks

    —-> Stay Cool on D-Day, helps immensely

    Strategy Followed:

    —-> Time allocation of 40/40/40

    —-> Maximize verbal

    —-> Stick to your time limits, no matter what

    —-> Accuracy Matters, irrespective of everything else

    Tips for Cracking Quant:

    —-> Choosing the easy questions

    —-> Practice, Practice and more practice !!!

    —-> Don’t give undue importance to stuff like Vedic Maths

    —-> Practice ALL types of problems

    Bharathy Loves these @ A:

    —-> The vast and tranquil environs of IIMA

    —-> The Faculty (“God-Level Profs”)

    —-> The Breakfast @ the canteen ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And She isn’t particularly fond of :

    —-> The undue importance that is attached to grades

    How has PaGaLGuY.com helped ya???

    To begin with, Bharathi feels this question in itself is highly irreverent ๐Ÿ˜‰ She considers PaGaLGuY.com an integral part of her life which has revolved around the forums since she’s joined it. Bharathy sez she’s made many friends for life in the forums and in particular Allwin, Chandoo, Shubh and Subbu. Currently waiting for PaGaLGuY.com Matrimonial services so she could find her life partner and thus make the forum a complete part of her life ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Plans to ace papers in :

    Most prolly Fin & Systems (not yet decided though, might as well decide to run for iSchol i.e. Industry Scholarship i.e. Topper )

    Good News : Bharathi Sleeps…….for atleast 7 hrs a day, and feels number of hours spent sleeping is a direct function of how much one wants to be studying.

    Take on Life @ IIMA:

    —-> If aim is to learn, you’ll enjoy

    —-> If aim is to get top grades, you’ll have to invariably suffer

    —-> Peer pressure is the major force that runs this place

    Survival Kit @ IIMA:

    —-> Lose Ego. One just cant survive with any hints of ego here

    —-> Have an open-mind

    —-> A willingness to learn, from one and all

    —-> Time-Management


    —-> Do not come here if you are not sure. You’ll suffer

    —-> CAT reflects what is required in course @ IIMA. It ain’t any arbit (short for arbitrary) testing unrelated stuff.

    —-> CAT preparation is something that is useful for your entire life

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