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[2013-2015] TISS HR and other programs queries

Hello everyone, I am a student of Human Resources Management and Labour Relations (HRM&LR;) at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai. This thread is for any queries that you might be having related to admission process or an... Read More »

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Hi everyone , is this the page for applying for MA HRM and LR ?

If i click on it , it goes to a page where it says for Login ..there is no registration page... where to register ? Plz help...

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Hi everyone. I am interested in public policy and development courses from TISS. Can anybody who has any idea, tell me about the public policy courses. How are the placements. There are 4 public policy and development courses in TISS. 2 in hyderabad campus, one in mumbai and one in Tuljapur. Is there any difference in the course and placements on the basis of the campus. Please guys anyone who has any knowledge or knows anybody from there, please provide some information. Thanks.

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  • 28 Aug.
  • @monikakapoor thanks for the link. But it does not say an.... 29 Aug.
@monikakapoor 3

Hi Nishtha , This gives detailed information . Check if this helps you ,

Nishtha @jainnishtha

@monikakapoor thanks for the link. But it does not say anything about the specific courses. I want to know about the public policy and development courses.

Guys , is the online application for HRM&LR closed ? If so when did it end ?

  • 28 Aug.

Hello guys,I actually want to have info on hospital administration courses of TISS,like: what are the specializations offered, seletion criteria (10th,12th % reqd.), placements records.pls help me thanks in advance

  • @arcell.tiss. 19 Aug.
Hi everyone!
I'm waitlisted 3 (GEN) for MHA (HE).
There was supposed to be a second waitlist announced today, 28th. But no updates.
Can I expect some movement in the waitlist?
Please help!
  • somebody please help this lad. 29 May.
Hi Guys,

Can somebody please guide me for TISS preparation?
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  • thanks @sabyasachi. 10 Jul.
  • hey guys plz chck the new thread 14 Jul.
sabyasachi panigrahi @freakonomist 232
TISS doesn't need any specific over the top prep.Social science/Current affairs can be covered in few days before the exam.As i said,if u r interested in only HRM for TISS,it would be advisable to target CAT/SNAP/NMAT and after completing these tests u can give TISS.

Waiting list

Rank 10 , Army Quota for HRM & LM. What are the chances?

Please reply

Waiting list Rank 10 , Army Quota for HRM & LM. What are the chances?
Please reply

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How is Executive PGDM-HR in TISS?
I was thinking to apply.
i have around 2.5 years of experience in Deloitte?
Should i consider applying for the course?
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  • does the exec course consider experience of less than 3 y.... 22 Mar.
  • Its definitely not in league of other executive MBA progr.... 10 Mar.
Anvesh Chunduri @Anchun 4.3 k
@EyetoEye ..I am not aware of the entrance process. Kindly check with some current students here or in Fb groups
EyetoEye @EyetoEye 55
Can you explain something about the entrance test? How do we prepare for it?
EyetoEye @EyetoEye 55
does the exec course consider experience of less than 3 years? @Anchun
Anvesh Chunduri @Anchun 4.3 k
Its definitely not in league of other executive MBA doubt it is taught by same faculty members and course content is more or less same as in regular course, but one would miss out on fieldworks which is one major area of learning. If u want to do the course while still employed u can go ahead....but it would be wise not to expect same kind of employement opportunities as with regular HRM & LR after course completion

Can anybody tell me ... Do they conduct only one interview for those ones who have applied to more than one course ???I applied for two courses .. HRM + Media and cultural arts ...Is there any separate interview of media wala course ???If it is not there ... Then entire one interview goes on HRM or they will also ask something on media ... Please anybody throw some light ???

  • each course has its separate PIT, PI. 15 Feb.
hey i wanted to knw about the placmnt in community organisatn n developmnt program.. plz help.. and has anybdy receivd a mail relatd to the date n venue of gdpi??
  • yes i hav pit on 21 march. 28 Feb.
hello everyone,
wat is d average package of development studies and diaster management of 2013 & 2014??? reply plsss
thanks in advance
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  • can u send me a link......if possible. 10 Feb.
  • @anj93 m no sir miss...jus a mere aspirant like u:D....ny.... 10 Feb.
amiya dash @dreambegins 6.1 k
n be a little indirect wen u ask bout package...looks a bit ask em wat are the prospects n den proceed to the package
amiya dash @dreambegins 6.1 k
type TISS in the search box miss u ll get many threads of TISS 2014 which are active......dis thread is for the 2013-15 batch.......go to the 2014-16 thread
amiya dash @dreambegins 6.1 k
@anj93 m no sir miss...jus a mere aspirant like u:D....nyways u r welcom:)
hey can you please tell me abt the placements in TISS health Administration... Thanks in advance...
  • ul get the intrvw venue at campus to.... 10 Feb.
amit bhatia @rishiiee 8
ul get the intrvw venue at campus tok to the students out there, do the same for disaster management...
wll the cutoff 4 ol the progrms will b same dis year?????

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