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hello !!!

my composite score is 649.50....will u plz make out my percentile asap....and mention any good college too..:)

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  • Hey you can opt for Jaipuria, JIMS Rohini, FIIB. 07 Jul.
  • Your composite score in MAT is good and will be getting m.... 4m.
Sanoob Sidiq @sanoob 20

you have pretty decent score. Do you have any location in mind??

Shweta Singh @swatzzz059

Last round of admission process in Jaipuria Institute of Management is going get details about CAPI process visit a last to chance to get admission in an institute which is showing excellent placement figure by placing more than 97% students across all four campuses.

Unitedworld School of Business @Ask_Unitedworld 69

Your composite score in MAT is good and will be getting many good colleges where you will be able to apply

. But as a student you should take into consideration certain parameters on the basis of which you will select your college. It includes quality education, proper facilities, faculties, accreditation, as well as placements. Check

Find the next no. of given series


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Decision Making for XAT 2015 - Resources, Tips, Questions

Given below are a bunch of resources which I guess would be helpful in your Decision Making Preparation. * * *Paid Re...

German engineering giant Siemens, which is increasingly feeling the effects of the economic downturn, is to slash “thousands” of jobs, the financial daily Boersen Zeitung reported on Tuesday. Last month, Siemens chief executive Peter Loescher said the company was drawing up a programme to cut costs, boost productivity and efficiency. While the programme would not primarily be implemented by reducing the headcount, job cuts could not be ruled out completely, Loescher said at the time. At the end of July, Siemens warned that it would be harder to achieve its annual profit targets, as the gloomy global economic mood weighs on orders, especially in the field of renewable energy. It was the second time Siemens had been forced to revise down its targets this year.Given above is a piece of news published in a leading German daily. Alexander, an excellent employee at Siemens, came across this news and is unsure about his stay in the company in the given scenario. From your understanding of the passage, advise Alexander regarding the same from the options given below

.A Alexander should not resign/panic as he is a valuable resource of the company; it is unlikely that he would be asked to leave.

B Alexander should resign and start looking for jobs with immediate effect; given the situation layoffs are on the way.

C Alexander should not resign but express his fears/concerns to his immediate superiors/managers.

D Alexander should not resign but start looking for jobs to fall back on in case he is asked to leave.

E Alexander should not resign but discuss the situation with colleagues and try to get more information on the issue.

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  • i had done a similar kinda Q in TF mock....the answer was.... 04 Jan.
  • D. 11m.

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Preparation for Other MBA Exams: xAT | CMAT | SNAP | IIFT | MHCET | NMAT

Hi Everyone, Many of you are probably preparing for multiple MBA exams apart from CAT. You can use the discussion her...

X,Y and Z are three pipes.X and Y can fill a tank in 30minutes and 60minutes respectively.Z can empty it in 90 minutes.When the tank was empty all the 3pipes were opened simultaneously. After sometime pipe Z was closed.After 6more minutes the tank was filled.In how many minutes is the tank filled.(Plz explain the procedure to solve this question) 


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  • Thanks. 13m.
  • No problem mam :smiley:. 11m.

I got 99.25 percentile in MAT  may 2014... can anyone suggest good colleges..

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  • @AnkMis Last round of admission process is going on in .... 07 Jul.
  • You have good percentile in your MAT, with this score you.... 39m.
Shweta Singh @swatzzz059

Last round of admission process is going on in Jaipuria. Visit and fill the online application form.

Unitedworld School of Business @Ask_Unitedworld 69

You have good percentile in your MAT, with this score you can apply in many good colleges, but you should select your colleges on the basis of certain parameters which include proper educational facilities, faculties as well as placements. Apart from that location also plays an important role. Check

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TISS NET (2015-2017) Preparation

if any of u guys had given previous TISS-NET , u must have noticed that in English section , 10-20 questions were pur...

______ among the following attained a place in draft list of UNESCO heritage sites.

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what are the chance for getting admission in pharma mba as i am now working professional having two year industrial experience with good academic performance

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Target JBIMS 2014...

This thread is for the bravehearts who are targeting only JBIMS... One of the most "complicated" admission process in...

anyone from varanasi for jbims!!

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Expected CMAT College Cut-off's

After going through queries regarding the expected cut-off's for colleges which accept CMAT score, I thought to share...

After going through queries regarding the expected cut-off's for colleges which accept CMAT score, I thought to share this useful post by PT so as it may help to clear the air on what is to be done with your CMAT score :grin:

Here it is:

3. AICAR Business School, KARJAT 150+
5. ASM's Institute of International Business & Research, Pune -180+
8. Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Management , Pune 160+
10. Indira Global Business School , Pune - 180+
11. Indira School Of Business Studies , Pune 160+
12. Indus Business Academy, BANGALORE - 200+
13. Institute of Health Management Research,Bangalore - 200+
14. Jaipuria Insitute of Management, Indore, 160+
15. Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow -200+
16. Jaipuria Institute of Management , Ghaziabad 170+
17. Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur - 170+
18. Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida 170+
19. JRE Group of Institutions, Greater Noida 190+
20. K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research , Mumbai 250+
21. Medi-Caps Institute of Techno-Management ,Indore 170+
22. MIT School of Business, Pune-200+
23. Sinhgad Institute, Pune 200+
24. Prestige Institute of Management, Indore -- 220+
25. IIF, Noida 180+
26. LBSIM, Bareilly 160+

All the best puyss!!
  • and JBIMS???. 22 Mar.
  • what is going to be the expected level of cmat sept2014 c.... 2h.
Mayuri Mn @nidhitoke86

what is going to be the expected level of cmat sept2014 considering the decline in number of aspirants....

Hi, can anyone tell me what programmes are best to apply for XLRI 

1. HRM

2. BM

3. GM

please rate them. Also, if I have registered for XAT2015 by debit card, do i need to send the confirmation of payment to the XAT office or not?

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  • @DieHard12 Thanks a lot :smiley:. 15h.
  • Sorry, but I have reduced my frequency a lot here :/ I gu.... 5h.
Temporarily Off PG @scrabbler 22.3 k

@ridhziechugh Haha she said both HRM and BM. Basically she meant "any damn MBA in the country* " And she said it with such heartfelt enthusiasm because she is currently going through it

*excluding IIMC, but she doesn't know that....

Anusha Mittal @DieHard12 2.4 k

@ridhziechugh  -on a serious note it depends on ur interest .. U shoudl apply for every stream , convert and then decide where u wanna go .. BM is slightly more intensive course than hrm , thts why i had written the comment

Ayush Vashishtha @ayushnasa 11.7 k

Sorry, but I have reduced my frequency a lot here :/ I guess the question was answered though

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[Official] TISS - M.A. in HRM & LR - Admissions : 2015-2017

Dear Aspirants, Greeting from the TISS HR- Aspirants Relations Team! This is the official thread for TISS - M.A. in H...

when will the TISS forms be out??

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  • TISSNET forms will be out by september end- october begin.... 12h.
  • thnx a lot @arcell.tiss :). 10h.

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SNAP A-Z (2015-2017)

An SIBM Pune student here. If you guys have any queries related to SNAP, feel free to fire them here!

Hi. M from Gujarat Board. My  12th percentage are 74.6 mentioned on mark sheet and practical exam marks are not included. If i add practical marks my percentage becomes 76.92..which percentage to enter. Please help

  • 74.6..... as ur written records show dat..... 11h.

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[Official] XAT-2014 aspirants

News : * XLRI has announced the dates for XAT 2014. The test will be held on the first Sunday as always, i.e., 5th Ja...

Hi All,

I am preparing for MBA exams like you all but wanted to understand from the PagalGuy is there any difference in the way for preapring for NMAT/MAT/SNAP or if I study a common book like R.S Aggarwal that would help. 

Also I wanted to know is there any college through MAT which provides MBA in Risk Management or Operations(Supply Chain). What would be the top colleges in India through MAT?

Need help.