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Guess who is who? Rupali and Sonali (L to R)Not many of you would have the inclination to reject an offer from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore if that's the best option you have. However, Rupali Jain, who has converted her IIM-B call, is willing to give up the seat if her twin sister Sonali Jain does not ...
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jhaavinash @rewatmv ..itni raat tak kyun jage hai bhai..ab to IIM mi.... 26 Apr '13.
krisharjun07 @jhaavinash bhai namaste _/\_! Mast comment mara! yep! 3 .... 26 Apr '13.
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@Zcarlett Failed to publish my comment on blog, so here it goes --- Extremely happy after reading the experience and I need to learn so much more, Inspiring ! ALL THE VER BEST Aditi --Make it Big with MICA !  
Zcarlett Hey Ruchi!! Thank you so much ! :) I hope I do !. 18 Apr '13.
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Hi @MICAstudents , will we get any official mail with the details? Also, do we need to send anything along with the draft?
Zcarlett I just received an email :) So yes.. you will get one too!. 16 Apr '13.
Zcarlett Oh great! See you at MICA then! :) . 16 Apr '13.
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Date: 6th AprilScore:CAT: 97.79XAT: 93.66GMAT: 92Work ex: 9 months at Webchutney, Digital advertising agency
GE: Street play aimed at rural audience, theme to be around preventing female foeticide.Did well. I thought we came up with a good idea, me and this one more chap came up with a couple ...
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Zcarlett You'll be converting it soon.. :) Goodluck! great Inte.... 07 Apr '13.
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any fresher given a spot or is named in the waitlist?
Zcarlett Yeah a fresher was given a spot offer on Day 1. 04 Apr '13.
Zcarlett I have replied on this thread with a link to the PI exper.... 06 Apr '13.
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Lemonade & Cookies: Recalling the Conversation .. ^^ the link to the blog post where I have put down almost the complete conversation.. Day 1 - I was Shortlisted.. Read only if you have enough time It is a long post! ATB to all!
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A simple Wikipedia Page will solve all your queries
Good to see someone wanting to get the basics right.. I was very happy looking at this question! :D
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aapko bhi sirji
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Anyone who can guide us with the SOP and oh yeah I'm in on 2nd April !
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If that is what you meant then you framed it wrongly.. Keep it simple yaar.. :|Because Bribery in Businesses is an interesting argument..and I thought it was inspired from the Walmart's case in Mexico..