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@brixcel bhai Sb pe aao!
The Sacred Ping
No demands for deletion plss
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yesarpit @reymyst619 Hellos dude.....good to see ya after looong.... 03 Apr.
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@ank_mission_IIM chai wale
1. How do you feel about this interview? Amazingly awesome. It feels like a celeb
2. What are your long term career goals? Career I had few things on my mind. UPSC or RBI were my main goals. But right now its like I shall grab whatever comes on my way Th...
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yesarpit sabbo....urs is the only pehla full inteboo i read comple.... 24 Mar.
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There is a famous proverb “Tomorrow is my Exam, but I don't' care because a single sheet of paper can't decide my future.” Most of the students these days follow this proverb. This quote is also marked as said by the famous scientist Thomas Edison. I do not know if the proverb is really from Edison and it may even be vali...
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yesarpit wah bhai wah. 25 Feb.
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Hey guys, how are you?I have recently started up with SOCRATEES: a T-shirt webstore.
Check out the website and do tell me your views
And if anyone is looking for tees to be made in bulk for an event or fest do give socratees a thought
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yesarpit @abhimanyu_ good one bro :) . 15 Jan.
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#Nostalgia !
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yesarpit @Preeti_L hello dear...:). 05 Dec '13.
yesarpit @Preeti_L all gud...aapki dua :) . 06 Dec '13.
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After grand success of legendary threads... The Interview Thread - Thepla with PPTea with tarun & Chocz with Shrut
We are presenting... Chai ka pyala with Sabbo & Brixy @sabrinakhan (PG Queen 2013 and Miss bakar express) @brixcel (Miss Ghonchu)
Rules are similar as Thepla with PP ma'a...
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yesarpit umda thread. :D . 05 Dec '13.
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yesarpit ek number brixy. 02 Oct '13.
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Happy budday Bhaingi Monalisa  @yesarpit  :mg:  :new-bday:
yesarpit Thanks brixy :) tujhe yaad tha :lookaround: . 28 Sep '13.
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You don't even realize that you are working across days and nights when you love the work you are doing!
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yesarpit are you throgh same phase sirjee. 14 Aug '13.
yesarpit @visionIIM-ACL I consider :mg: as yes :mg: . 15 Aug '13.
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Spot the train.
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yesarpit this is a scene from dhaka....:). 10 Aug '13.