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hi y'all...
here's simple and plain language - "No. Nothing happened as described"
as bskoolers who're readin this thread will realize, this is the WORST thing that could have happened to an insti.
the reputation of a bskool is evrythin. and i'm saddened to see dat "hearsay" is bein rega...
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conference(n): meetin of ppl
can we PLEASE not hav inane discussions centered around the use of english?
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with imaginations as fertile as this, ppls can be like awesome writers and all :D
ok...this is like the most exciting thing that's happened in me borin life in the last 10 days...and ya, absolutely_agent DID just meet me and sujan...some major conference happened and we got here....
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blush blush...
all this kindness ... too much
oh ya, abt stickin printouts here there and evrywhere...just wanted to say...advice on pg.com is as free as da wind so be careful whose advice you take
PS: all dis talk abt stickin things up makes me thi...
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thankz anil dint see this
am abt a month late in acceptin wishes, but all the same, thanks :D
and who the! who iz this madame from XL??? :-s
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hmm...wai do i get the feelin that XL-comparison-threads are a craze at PG? me seems to be bumpin into em evry other time me steps in here :D
muh dear man, you doth hav a very interesting predicament (as interesting predicaments go)...
many hav peeked in here to drop a line a...
8 8
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hi there varun,
you've come to the rite place. but your question's too brief. give the pg-ites some info abt yourself. a brief bio. and a bit on why india or why australia.
then sit bak and wait for the junta to contribute :-)
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get used to gettin your clothes branded with your hostel room no....
makes you feel like an inmate (incidentally, that IS the term they use to refer to ya: hostel inmate! hyuck hyuck )
THAT is one of the things that kinda DEFINES hostel life..for moi atleast
inmate since 2003,
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wat hav i done this summers?
done good. thankfully.
and ya...i DID warn evry1 abt takin your money out of the markets...and look at the NSE...freefall
tho i must say..the BSE was not my fault
reporting from mumbai
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dint keep track of the date...that ..and combined with not loggin into pg.com for one whole week...helped me miss the meet....
well...good to see it was a lot of fun
lage raho!
and i kno this aint the place...but congrats to the IIM chaps now...