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I've a friend who got Letter of Acceptance from Welingkar PGDM Bangalore campus. He was unable to take admission by the mentioned deadlines, however yesterday he received a call from Welingkar stating that if he is interested in confirming the admission he can do so by 4th.
Now its all about m...
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A brief view on what one has to spend for what at We, School.
A student pays around Rs. 8 lacks to study at Welingkar. Th division is as follows
Fee: 5 lacks
Hostel: 1.2 lacks
Food: 1.2 lacks
Laptop: 0.4 lacks
Misc: 0.4 lacks
Sums up to Rs. 8,20,000/-
Now, if that money is...
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If a statement can define my mood it would be "I'm Frustrated"
First the challenge was to get a good score, I got a 90%tile in ATMA, not good not bad. Then it was conversion, I got selected at WE's PGDM E-Biz program, Mumbai Campus. But then the fee has blown me up all the way. In no wa...
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XISS court challenges JET
Challenging the jurisdiction of the court of Jharkhand Training (JET), the lawyer representing Xavier Institute for Sozial-Service (XISS) today argued that issues related to procedures for admission to educational institutions, outside their...
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Allright, so results are out.
Now I see people calling it a sleazy call that they didn't convert, some highflier, and a deserving aspirant who was from a backward community and good score, all being rejected for admission.
The tone has changed, now people are questioning the institution, it...
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And to all the people here.
I've not been trying to demoralize anyone on any ground. If you support a political party and the other one find loop holes then the you and your party would question the one finding the ambiguity.
I don't question no one in here. Please do apply to the institute...
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Sure thing, you have all the power.
However, I was not being abusive just being truthful which of course never counts to douche bags like you who cannot think anything beyond their double standards. I had high expectations from the institute and sitting there figuring out what rea...
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Apologies! I was scheduled but failed due to some personal affairs. However, its a good initiative, and I hope to be there tonight.
The GD on Improving Education System in India
I see the mass talking about the demerits of the system and not suggesting new methodologies ...
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I need some ringing on this matter.
I've 2yrs of Post Graduation work experience and 3years Parallel to Graduation. This has been possible as I formulated my consultancy firm and served as the proprietor of the same.
The dilemma is what kind of work experience document shall I carry...
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Did they check/verify your certificates?