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@feline3012 long time as well, sorry wasnt active in pg. right now in TISS. how did u do this time?
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The Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) announced admissions to all its full-time postgraduate degree programs for 2013-15 for its Mumbai, Tuljapur, Guwahati, and Hyderabad campuses today. The TISS National Entrance Test (TISS NET) which will go online for the first time will be held on January 13, 2013. Candida...
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ratsy hey any one can give me tips for preparing for mph in tis.... 07 Aug '13.
gun148 do we have to send the application form after filling it .... 16 Oct '13.
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Hey guys, hope you all are working up the right tempo...always better to peak when it matters..there're beter positioned guys in this thread from the 2011 thread to stress on this than me.Just to share [albeit a bit late] I am a student of TISS Mumbai now. All those who're curious about TISS, I'm...
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friends one doubt, is it 2n or 2^n in the question?
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To the person I don't know, but whom I have seen doing selfless unbiased quality work in PG without any attitude , Happy Birthday. May you find success and let your tribe prosper :)
It's due to people like you PG earns its name.
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You shouldn't really ask this question in an mba thread as objectivity will be hard to come by. ideally you should ask both the parties but you should find a 3rd person who has seen the world for sometime .
surely delay that resignation and search for answers from reliable sources.
atb n ...
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GDPIs were a mix this time. Ranging from carbon credit mathematics to nrega to minor forest produce PI was interesting if not downright tough. There were instances they just asked acads though I have some workex.
GD depends on your group, there was a fishmarket where I just said one po...
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Its not in the list.
pls chek the link http://www.iimu.ac.in/result/testFile.txt
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Hi, from my experience there isnt a fixed syllabus.
If you collect question papers over the years upto 2008 you will get a hang of it.
And to be frank a syllabus based approach isnt the clincher in cat. if you're good at everything, quant,lr,di n va then nothing like it, but unfortunately m...
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Sorry for intruding, this is the best username u can have if you're goin to K.
Kozhi means a hen in malayalam.
and as a slang in Kerala it translates to 'flirt' 'womaniser', a handy username.
Though dont mistake the etymology of Kozhikode, it's actually from koyil+kode= palace+fortress.<...
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