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Any clue as to how long the entire process takes (for both rounds)?
My slot is at 2:00 and by when should i expect the whole process to be completed? need to make my travel arrangements
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Have a profile based call for finance
my profile:
B.E Civil
work ex 11 months in the marketing department and operations department of my family business
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If you are coming via ORR (gachibowli to airport) get down at Appa circle (AP Police academy) and head towards moinabad.. just before moinabad police station, you will notice the sign board on the other side (while going towards moinabad) reading kg reddy blah blah.. take that kutcha road and ab...
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@arvind90 and all the kg reddy guys..
the facilities at the center are pretty decent.. the whole experience was good except for a beeping sound through out the test ..probably the UPS.. maybe you wont notice it once you get into the mode of the exam..
anyways all the best puys
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dude twice!!!:wow::wow::wow::wow:
too excited i say..
mine is on 10th .. will tell u about the place once iam done with the bludgeoning :D:D
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puys anyone done with their cat at kg reddy??
need some info on the location and infrastructure..
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as per your logic 5000 is greater than 5460 (former has greater number of zeroes)..
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According to the website, I am supposed to send graduation certificates along with my xlri form. My querry is will it suffice if i send only my grad certificate saying that i have completed my degree in xxxx division or should i send my complete marksheets ?? Dont want to give out more informatio...
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you are also counting l=75, b=74 type of values when the restriction is l+b = 75
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Attempts: 46
Correct: 26
Score: 58
Accuracy: 56.521739130434782608695652173913%
2 2