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*free gyan*
Available on request :)
Disclaimer :
Pointless queries will not be acknowledged
Reply frequency : Once a week(Saturday, unless we engage in dialogue)
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folks looking to go to school in the -Fall of 2012
and currently preparing for gmat-
PM me if you'd like to join forces!
Essentially looking for a prep buddy
analogous to a gym buddy,
- we compare notes once a week.
Sort out pertinent questions.
My personal strength lies in V...
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What would one do ,if it weren't for templates! :)
-I'm an engineer working in IT , 4yrs work ex
A database admin by day and sometimes also by night! :
hmm....Why am I on PG?
Being inherently 'pagal' it was only a matter of time
before I made it to this forum!
PJs apart , prima...
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