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No brother, they won't allow a bottle inside the testing room. You can raise your hand and ask for water though.
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LDI: 17c 3w = 16 approx
GK: 12c 8w = 3.74
QA: 5c 0w = 5
VA: 18c 10w = 7.1 approx
Overall: 31.84
What's the expected cut-off?
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Is it possible for somebody to post the answer key, please? We were not given one...
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SET 217 my take:
1. 2
2. 4
3. 1
4. 2
5. 1
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I think it's available in full test series and to classroom students..
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Drop down that AIMCAT Results pane. In the end, you'll see OMET 101201.
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The concept of divide and conquer, derived from the Latin phrase Divide et impera, was put into use effectively by everyone from Caesar to Napoleon to the British in India. Even Muammar Gaddafi tried using it but as the latest news events show us --- he wasnt very effective at gaining from it. Dividing --- rather divisi...
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pranavgarg in oscular what is p?n..i dont get it. 12 Aug '13.
abhar7 @pranavgarg dost its just about checking whether no is.... 03 Nov '13.
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Should be D. As, the objection says number of letters lost or delayed are not taken into account which is a reflection of the quality of service.
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My handle @VishalHemnani
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answer a) 2321 ?
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