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Registration No. 1217211532 NameDR. BANDANA HANDIQUE Course(s) Applied and Status of Results Program 1 HR
. Regret - Not Selected
Whetstone replied to [2009-2011] imt ghaziabad final results
me too waitlisted...
cat %ile...96.8
work ex- 31 months
how does one know what course he/she has been waitlisted for? I gave ft as my first preference , followed by ib and hr...
does a waitlist mean u r out of the race for your 1dt preference?
anyone who has any clue...please answ...
Whetstone replied to Fore [2009-2011] final results out!
got through Fore IB..awaiting other results before i decide.
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i have a WL rank of 576...can anyone throw light on what this translates into ??? Is there any chance at all? n if yes, how will i hv to wait.
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When do we get to know ? are they going to disclose the WL ranks anytime at all...or will it just remain a wait nd watch thing ? what happened to the word called "transparency" ..huh.
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Strangely enough.after having secured a pathetic rank with a measly score of 91..i have been waitlisted! Was wondering about the WL being confirmed on the 19th ...since by then not many results ..in fact i doubt if any other result would be out by then...which would mean that the WL would not see...
Whetstone replied to [2009-2011] IMT-G GD/PI Experiences
Had my GD/PI on 21st ..8:30 am..Venue IMT - G
After doc verifications..we were led to our GD rooms..GD topic chosen was on how films are responsible for the corruption of today's youth..GD was a total fish market....the panel meembers had that sadistic smile on their faces..that almost said..k...
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This one's for all of us...
Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place, and I don't care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me or nobody is going to h...
4 4
Whetstone replied to [2009-11] IMT-Ghaziabad Call Getters Profile an...
Hey , are there people in here who wish to change their line ? i have over 2.5 yrs of exp. in the Talent Mgmt sphere...and wish to switch over to Marketing...am trying to make a convincing pitch for the switchover! Anyone else in the same boat ?
Whetstone replied to [2009-11] SIMSR KJ Somaiya Call Getters Profile...
i too got a call!
2.5 yrs of work ex
Excited to come down to mumbai for the Gd/PI