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way2imagination replied to Welingkar Business Design(2011-2013) Queries
can anyone tell me about placement at b'lore campus for BD, what kind of jobs will be offered to a fresher (since i hav no work-ex) after completion of course?
pls reply asap.
way2imagination replied to WE School [2011-2013] Final Results out
puys...just now i received mail from welingkar ,they r offering me PGDM-BD at b'lore campus, now i have already submitted fees at alliance. what should i do i am confused. if I submit feees for PGDM-BD will there be any chance fr upgradation?
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samshaan ghat me sannata nhi to or kya hoga
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way2imagination replied to Alliance University School Of Business 2011-13
it takes 1 hr frm airport to reach city.......
joining or nt joining depends on u if u want to take admission in this year only and dont hav better options then joining alliance is good.
way2imagination replied to [2011-2013] Welingkar GD/PI Experiences
wat type of ques related to operation research can i expect in interview??
plz reply ASAP
way2imagination replied to [2011-2013] Welingkar GD/PI shortlist
what type of operation research related ques can i expect in interview as i hav mentioned it in my form? please help
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can anyone tell me how much time welingkar take for gd/pi creativity,psycho test ??
need to do return reservations also..
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i hav one query... atma(held on 20feb2011) says one of its participating colleges is we school but i saw we add it says tht it accepts atma2010 score.so will it not accept score of atma which was held on 20feb 2011??
way2imagination replied to Christ Micro Presentation Discussion 2011 - 2013
hey got a call for pi..
in admit card its written pi for 3 hrs for each candidate. do they really take 3hrs to interview a candidate?? wat will they ask for 3hrs:shock::shock:
way2imagination replied to Christ University 2010-12 Admissions and Sugges...
will they not accept my candidature even if i show admit card ,cop of bank challan!!