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Final result for IIM A FPM is out. A total of 27 offers have been given to 25 candidates with two candidates lapping offers from both Economics and Public systems areas. 2 Candidates have been wait listed. Congratulations to all the final selects. Seniors and an awesome life await you at WIMWI.
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IIMAscholar @ns28 last year at least 4 people converted from the wai.... 04 Apr.
ns28 @sayanddude @IIMAscholar Thank you both! Just wanted to.... 04 Apr.
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"IRMA will conduct the Group Activity and PI starting mid-March 2014 at the IRMA campus, Anand ". Do we have to go to Anand ????
vjjani Yes....IRMA takes GA-PI at IRMA campus only...so all who .... 11 Feb.
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I have got 99.91 percentile, a degree in engineering, a decent understanding of Economics. Ideally I wanted a MA in economics from DSE or ISI, but the FPM appears to be a good option. I have no research papers, no publications, low grad percentage from NIT Warangal. So what I wanna know is consid...
falconwinggs @sb29 @swagato1987 thanks both of you... Also is it tru.... 06 Feb.
sb29 In the UK it is difficult to get scholarship but many peo.... 06 Feb.
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Can somebody tell me how much fees (tuition+hostel+mess) one has to pay in IIM-A and IIM-C for FPM?
In IITs one has to pay on an average 5K/month towards subsidized tuition+hostel+mess fees. So effectively one gets per month 13K ( = 18K - 5K).
I want to compare 18K/month stipend of ...
vjjani at IIM-A u don't have to pay any fees...initially at the .... 11 Nov '13.
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the iimcal website says that online application would be up on 30 sep but still a no-show... any senior have info on the same ?... another thing is i want to apply with a jrf however, iimranchi app format shows no provision for it, would be very helpful if someone could throw light on that...
vjjani hi....i think IIm ranchi does not accept JRF...u have to .... 22 Oct '13.
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does every premium institute require the letter of recommendation or only some of them ?
Please Guide.
vjjani i think in case of IIM A, u just have to give name of two.... 10 Oct '13.
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What is the difference between FPM and PhDs?FPM is Fellow Program in Management that results in the generation of Fellow as end product whereas PhD is Doctorate of Philosophy that results in Doctor. FPM except IIMs are generally not recognized whereas PhDs are. Eligibility for FPM is graduation b...
vjjani IRMA also provides FPRM (not PhD)...and I believe it is b.... 05 Oct '13.
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thanks.. In 12 years i have mix work ex as a production engg and service delivery manager.regarding placement if u refer IIMA site they r mentioning FPM people can sit for campus and got selected..
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vjjani since last year (from the batch admitted in 2012), A has.... 19 Aug '13.
vjjani I agree with Adymos...and same applies to A as well.......... 21 Aug '13.
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Is thr nc obc quota for FPM at IIM A??Wht percentile will be required for it??
vjjani i believe there is no quota system for fpm admissions at .... 21 Aug '13.
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Hi everyone,I am interested in pursuing FPM as I feel I am more inclined towards research and academics. I haven't applied for PGP courses. I would be grateful if you could analyse my profile and asses my chance if I do well in CAT.X- 95.2 CBSEXII - 88.2 CBSEBTech Civil - 7.96 GPA National Instit...
vjjani profile is good enough....now concentrate on CAT or anyot.... 11 Aug '13.