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Yeah man !! Its into Auto component industry...They wanted people for JIT(just in time) delivery model for their plant across India... I am going to Murugappa Group,Mohali Plant in April 2006.
Cheers !!
IIMK PGP 05-07
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I am going to Murugappa Group (pure Ops) for my summers ..... Ops people around ?
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yes the old link is working n they r also sending emails regarding the same.
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Hi Megs,
I tried to contact him. He is out of station. Currently working with MRF. u can contact me at vin320 at yahoo messenger in the evening as he will also be online
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Hi Megs,
Well I read all the discussion in this thread. I suggest u 2 again give CAT and other entrances this year. You should not compromise on quality of education(just for the sake of doing MBA..). Patience pays buddy. I am suggesting this coz I was under the same dilemma last year and thi...
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I dont remember exactly when I landed on PG. It was I guess September 2003. Its addiction yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar !!!!!!!!!!
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Seriously Ramesh......... i am also in the same boat ... result kab aayegaaaaaaaaaa
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You dont need to buy anything for CAT as the study material supplied by the institutes is sufficient. Well You can focus on RC. oooops Engineer's weakest point. You need to have voracious reading habits in comings days. Read books from diverse subjects like philosophy, science, management, cultu...
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Wah Wah Wah Wah ..................... GUM hi to diya thaa .. market mein bech dete .. aur kuchh paise bhi mil jaate .. ......