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vicks024 replied to LBSIM Converts [2012-14]
Hi Puys
do we need to submit 240000 by 16th of april ??
plz reply
vicks024 replied to LBSIM Converts [2012-14]
Hi Seniors,
I hav been selected,but my problem is that i dint recieved the call letter for GD/PI and if the i dont recieve the offer letter then how i ll come to know that when i have to submit the fee and all those stuffs
Plz puys help me out and its really appalling to see that LBS dont s...
vicks024 replied to Fms bhu 2012-14
Hi Puys,
The DD has to be from SBI only or from any other bank will do
I am sorry for this stupid question but i need ur help
vicks024 replied to [2012-14] DSM - DTU Shortlist Declared / GDPI c...
Hi Puys
I have asked for the reschedule of my GD/PI
So when are we supposed to know about the reschedule as i was trying calling at the office but nobody picking the call:banghead:
It seems they dont care at all abt our problems
plz help as i need to book tkts from chennai accordingly...
vicks024 replied to NIBM Pune "Application to Admission" 2012-2014 ...
Hi Seniors
i have been shortlisted, but my main concern is that i am completing 26 yrs in march 2012, so i will be of 28 yrs of age in 2014....and this may hamper my placement, please clarify and if no banks will take me then plz give me straight answer , so plz avoid giving skewed answer puys...
vicks024 replied to School of Petroleum Management(SPM), PDPU: Admi...
Hi puys
I got 92 percentile in Cat and lookin forwrd to do MBA in SPM,
But my concern is : on 25th march i will be of 26 yrs , so will it create problem for me in the placement say for PSU as in 2014 i ll be of 28 yrs..plz tell sir what is their age limits..
thanx a lot
vicks024 replied to [2012-14] LBSIM Gd/Pi Call Getters
Hi Rahul,
My Name is :- Anurag Ranjan
Cat Reg No:- SR7575701
Please tell me my preferred GD/PI location
Thanx a lot Rahul..
vicks024 replied to IFMR Admissions 2012-14 Queries & Discussions
Hi Puys,
I have two questions, 1st is how IFMR goin to diffrentiate between CAT/XAT score(say 90 in both), which for them is going to be superior( normally it should be CAT as more people take that exam)
My 2nd q is : after visiting the IFMR site i was not able to find the fee for PGDM cour...
vicks024 replied to [2012-14] LBSIM Gd/Pi Call Getters
thanx Rahul for ur prompt answer, but i called the office and lady told me to wait for a while but she dint give the answer about the tracking of my interview city which i forgot... but anyway i will again call her but the issue is why in this electronics age, institute like LBSIM doesnt care to ...
vicks024 replied to [2012-14] LBSIM Gd/Pi Call Getters
Hi Puys,
I have been shortlisted for GD/PI, but i have not recieved the letter yet.
My another problem is that i dont remember the centre which i had filled in the application :banghead:.
Is there any way out to track that now??
Plz help
thank you