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varsha replied to MBA@IIT Madras-Admissions 2007
Going by last year's parameters both of u stand stand a good chance of getting a call. The cuttoff last year was 1650 in IITM for freshers.
IIT Roorkee calls will definitely come ur way.
IITK had a cuttoff of around 1640 for freshers. It was above 1600 coz i scored 1600 and attended ...
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varsha replied to life@SIIB
No chance at Wl-65.
Beat of luck to alll
varsha replied to BlankNoise Project:A fight against Sexual Harra...
Hi junta
My 2 cents.
More than the cheap media & stuff, one thing that has really contributed to the sexual harrasment thing is the attitude towards women in general.
I believe even the average metro living individual still subscribes to the century old traditions and practises. Women ar...
varsha replied to Iit Kanpur Final Results 2006 Declared
hi KIM007
i hv got waitlisted at 61. koi chance hai ya nahin. Honestly, I am not looking for consolation. Just want a clear picture.
Any chances??
varsha replied to IIT Kanpur MBA Admissions 2006 Queries
hi ritesh and iitk seniors
I have my IITK gd/pi on 21st. Now I also hv my ubs gd/pi on 23rd. In case the gd/pi spills over to 22nd, there will be a problem in reaching chandigarh on 23rd at 12:30. I have for the time being booked tickets from Kanpur-delhi. Now should I request the UBS authorit...
varsha replied to IIT-Madras Admissions 2006 queries
Could someone predict If I deserve a call
JMET 60.25
Xth- 84.6
Keeping my fingers crossed
Thank u
varsha replied to JMET 2005 Discussions
Hi junta
can someone give me some insight on this please.
I took jmet And scoring 60.25 ( one of the lowest I hv seen on PG). Is there any chances for calls. IITB & IITD seem out of question. I am a freshe, graduated in 2005. no work exp. I hv excellent acads with
Xth 84,6
X11- 82.4...
varsha replied to KNOW UR %le: Ask the Stalwarts
Hi junta
After crying buckets out after CAT, I hv put it at the back seat and move on ( Do I hv a choice??? ) no.. Well here r my scores.
Qa - 6.66:wow:
Va 18-22.66 ( depending on the answer keys).
DI- 11.66
What say junta. I had applied to MDI, NITIE, UBS
Koi umeed or should I...
varsha replied to MDI Queries 2006
Hi Vineet
I hv a query. Are there going to be online registerations coz the webpage clearly says so but there is no link on the webpage for registeration. Its still showing last year's link. Please confirm.
Thank u
varsha replied to EA Sports PC Game Survey 2005
What do u think u r doing opening up 5-6 threads on the same topic.???
Those who r interested in answering will do so. There is no point in spamming