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have cancelled my admission waitlist moves by one
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varun12345 where r u taking admission ?. 01 May '13.
sovil Thank u @CatEngg  :) . 04 May '13.
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Hi, I need a help.. any idea what is the procedure for refund of the fees.It's kind of urgent so please inbox me the details. Thanks!
vaibjha @abhinav_insane @Abhaysood I am at bangalore, can not go .... 21 Apr '13.
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Did any one get mail??
vaibjha @Quantohelp @abhi.iimb and other seniors,when will be get.... 15 Apr '13.
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@Quantohelp pls throw some light :wen is the expected registration date for admission? & wen does the session begin ?? asking coz we gotta decide abt the release date after resigning from work & plan accordingly...
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vaibjha @Quantohelp can i resign now or should i wait for the adm.... 12 Apr '13.
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Has anyone got the official mail from IIMB?
NITD10 The official mail might take some time to come. No need t.... 11 Apr '13.
Pras_capt no. 11 Apr '13.
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hello Sir, i have finished my theory of sentence correction of GMAT from manhattan guide and solved OG, and now i know which are my weak areas.I want to practice topic wise questions. Please tell me the source where i can get topic wise sentence correction questions.thanks in advance
writetotanveer All the Best www.scribd.com/doc/56224661/700-to-800-Club-.... 10 Apr '13.
writetotanveer www.scribd.com/doc/56224661/700-to-800-Club-Sentence-Corr.... 10 Apr '13.
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@miseera set of the dayD(db is a link)A B (difficult)C(cd is a link)C
please tag me in OA...
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Sir but merit rank 597 is worrying me........
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@Abhaysood Sir my merit rank is 597 and says selected for MBA? please tell will i be able to get selected to MBA core or i will be rejected at a later stage as seats are only 360...should i go for arranging the money....advice
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What is migration certificate? where i will get it from?????